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“’Nothing is true, everything is permitted’… Certainly that was freedom of the mind, with that the termination of the belief in truth was announced.” (Friedrich Nietzsche: On the Genealogy of Mortality, tr. Carol Dieth, 2007)

I’m asking myself what would happen if there were no rules. Would it be better if people haven’t been controlled?  I believe people today aren’t enough enlightened. We’re living in age where we believe we’re free to do everything what we want (till we obey the law). Our eyes have been blinded by media. We think we know everything and best for us is to be inside the fence. If we had enough knowledge and morality we would understand that there’s no need for that fence. Most of us believe that rules are for other people, people who are born evil or became it. They don’t dare to think that rules are for them, for regular people. Law doesn’t always use to serve the masses, more often it is used to control people. If we spend whole life acting like slaves, obeying everybody’s orders we probably won’t have any problems in our society. And we, probably, never will understand how this world today works. But if we say I don’t want to do that, it doesn’t have any sense, then we have a problem. If we questioned the law and found out that something is wrong. That there are to much rules which only serve to control us. (Un)fortunately, there are too much people who will never dare to question conditions in government, state, politics, media… They believe in lies told by media, that everything will be horrible if we only think about living without laws.

If we listen to philosophers and start asking questions about this life:” Is it real? What if I won’t get punished for my act? What would happen?” There’s a problem. What would people do if they had freedom to do anything they want and not been punished or awarded for it? There, I would make a difference between enlightened people and those who are not. Enlightened people are people who ask questions and want to know; people who aren’t afraid of truth and people who obey only rules of morality. People who aren’t enlightened have been poisoned for year with lies, they believe control is only solution for people who are evil, who want to hurt others. We couldn’t predict their behaving in world without laws, so it’s better for them, and for others to stay behind the borders they wanted. They don’t want to go out from cave of their mind.  That’s why we can live without laws but we need to be enlightened.  People who live today on earth need borders. And other people made it for them. When we realize that most of the people have been learnt from childhood only to care about their selves and not about others, we understand that people today need borders.  Interest, profit, own wealth are words most often used.  I believe people can learn to be good or bad, nobody’s born evil, but today life we live puts us in situations where we must be intolerant, rude if we want to win in this game called life.

Sometimes I think about people who have been grown up in this system, without knowledge what’s behind, and I think this people shouldn’t get outside their caves, at least, most of them.  Maybe it’s because lack of enlightening but I’m afraid of people nowadays. The way they (don’t) think is frightening me. It will be nightmare to live in world they created.

So if everybody starts to think that this world actually doesn’t exist or it really doesn’t matter what we do, we would start thinking about anarchy. We would start thinking about life without rules, without anybody to tell us what to do. Of course, that could be good or bad choice. If we still had moral standards that could be much better than life we’re living today. But if we thought about absolutely freedom, without care for others, that would be disaster. At the end we’re the one who choose.

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